Introducing Tafoma Video

In the era of video calls and video meetings, we are bringing you an in-house designed Video calls feature that proves Tafoma to be the most extensive business and project management software.

Zoom, Teams, Meet… Who can keep track anymore? Every client, every organization has a preferred video platform that they use, but it is often that you find yourself switching between multiple apps and links. This practice in turn can become expensive and time-consuming endeavour.

Tafoma Video brings you conference calls in the app you are already using for daily tasks and day-to-day communication without the need to integrate third party software. Instead of struggling to generate a meeting slot, now you can schedule calls with just a few clicks.

In the upper right corner of the app, you can click the Meeting button and choose if you want to start a call immediately, join in on a call by adding the meeting ID or schedule a call at a time that suits you and invite everyone that need to participate.

By using Tafoma Video you can enjoy all the benefits of every video call software out there. Screensharing, chatting, muting everyone when much needed… and so on. The important thing is that security is our number one priority, so you can be sure that your calls will stay private.

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