Who is behind Tafoma: Meet the team

Tafoma is the result of a team of technology enthusiasts with over 30 years of experience working with tech. A team that is absolutely obsessed with finding ways to be more productive, it invented a whole new software for team collaboration and productivity.

Since we ourselves are users of Tafoma, we love working on features which we can make the most of in our daily work tasks and can help us, and you – the users, collaborate better. Knowing that we can impact your team collaboration and help you increase productivity across your organization is what keeps us motivated.

Helping teams collaborate better is at our very core from the beginning. We always try to listen to you, identify your needs and develop new features.

Our enthusiasm for working and making this app the best app possible for our users, sometimes posed as a challenge. Trying to do all the things at once without taking a step back to see what you have done can prove lethal for an app as well as it team.

That is why we have this process where we try to have separate periods in the year, where we focus on development of new features for a few months. We test, try and to a lot of research in this phase.

But this doesn’t mean that we forget about the existing features you love so much. After we implement the new features we go into a phase where our main focus is managing and improving existing ones.

This means that we are always focused on making Tafoma better. And with making Tafoma better, we make you team collaboration better. Knowing this, that we have made a positive impact on your work is what makes all the hard work pay off.

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