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When we were creating Tafoma, we were set on bringing you a feature-rich tool that will help you increase productivity, yours as well as to your whole organization.

If you’ve been following us, you already know that in the past few months we have integrated so many new features like Tafoma Video for your online meeting, Tafoma Office deck for all your files and we are cooking so many new things.

We have been creating a product with you, as our customer in mind, and we’ve come to a point where we need to get your honest feedback.

We have released the BETA version of Tafoma for a limited amount of time to better understand how you use it and how you perceive it. This will help us work on the flaws and come up with even better features that will improve Tafoma.

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What do you get with the BETA access? Simple answer, everything! 

You get all the features and all the benefits of using our app.

So far, we’ve listed 12 features but we are working on a few more. Some of our features include: 


Creating tasks is at the core of Tafoma’s purpose. Create tasks for yourself or assign tasks to someone on your team. A task has a title, description, comments, to-do, expenses, and time management.

You can also attach files to that task, like pictures, documents, PDFs and etc. Your tasks can have start and due dates, reminders, task priority, and percentage of completion.


The Projects feature also you to group tasks and view their progress as a whole. Integrate all the tasks that belong to the same project assigned to different team members on one platform and have complete control and overview of how the project is heading from creation to its completion. Projects can be shared with people working on given tasks or anyone that you want to have viewing privileges on a project.

Address book

Have all of your business contacts in one place. You can also group your contacts by clients, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, patients, or whatever you like. In addition, you’re able to connect tasks not only to a project but to a contact too and view how many tasks a contact is related to and how many tasks are still active.


The calendar provides you and your team with an overview of task timelines, reminders, and your overall agenda. This has also made it is very easy to share events with your teammates and have the event on their calendar too. Scheduling an event is very simple and invitations are not limited to team members, but also external collaborators.

Check out all the features here, and then see for yourself. 

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