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No, you can join Tafoma for free all you need is an email address. The free package that Tafoma offers has no time limitations. If this package suits your team you can use it forever with no issues.

You can easily access Tafoma from any device, if you want to use Tafoma trough a browser just go to https://app.tafoma.com. Tafoma is also available on mobile just click the links bellow to download it.

  • To star, go to Tafoma’s Sign Up page. Click on the Sign Up button.

  • Now you can enter your personal information.

  • That's it you are in!

*The Workspace name you set is for your personal workspace. More about Workspaces.

Creating a Workspace in Tafoma is easy, but it is important to understand how to mange more Workspaces, we recommend you check out this article on Workspaces.

  • To create a Workspace go into Tafoma and click on the More tab.

  • Than click on Workspaces

  • In the new window that opened, click New Workspace

  • Enter the name and click Create 

  • Tafoma transfers you into the new workspace and you can start inviting team members (invite Members).

In order for Tafoma to help you with Team-Collaboration, you need to invite your team members to one Workspace.

  • Inviting someone to Tafoma can be done from the + or from the Teams tab.

  • All you need to do is enter their email address and select a team from which they are part of. (not mandatory)

  • The new member that you invited will receive an email that will take them to the Sing-Up page and after they Sign-Up it will take them to the workspace. If the person is already registered in Tafoma alongside the email they will also receive a notification in Tafoma.

  • Bellow that you can see the Permissions that you can allow this member to have, Read More about Permissions bellow.


When inviting a member or editing a member that has been invited by you, you can chose what things they can work on.

Having the Project Permission off means that they can’t make Projects in the Workspace. They will be able to see projects which are shared with them.
The same applies to Contacts and Tasks.

Invite Members, this allows/disallows the new member to invite other members to the workspace. (We recommend turning this ON only for team-leaders)

See Other Members, here you chose if the new member can see the Other Members in the workspace.

External Followers, this allows/disallows the new member to invite external followers on task or projects.

Creating a Project in Tafoma is very easy, you can start by clicking on the + and selecting Create New Project.
A new window will pop-up and where you can enter the information for this Project.

  • First you enter the Project name and then pick the Start Date followed by the Finish Date, this is the time frame that the project itself needs to be completed by. The task inside the projects get their own Due Date.

  • After this you enter the Project description, this is where you should explain the project for others to know.

  • Select Followers, here you can put people who don’t necessarily work on the project but should receive notifications and be able to see the progression of the project.(More on Followers)

  • Share Project, this menu allows you to share the project with everyone who is working on this project. They will be able to create task inside project, edit tasks, view the Gantt Chart and Report but they can’t edit the project. You can share with a single person, whole teams or with everyone in the workspace.

Types of Projects

A project can either be a Time-flow or a Work-flow project, we select this when creating the project. 

  • Time-flowproject, this is a type of project where tasks are defined with Start and Due Date. Task move trough the windows automatically based on their date.

    • A task can be in Upcoming window when the Start Date is in the future

    • Ongoing when the Start Date has passed and the Due date is in the future

    • Today section which are task Due on that day. 

    • Overdue when the Due Date passes

    • At any of these stages you can complete a task and that will put it in Completed tasks window.

  • Work-flow project, in this type of project you can move tasks between pre-defined stages. When creating this type of project you create all the stages that this project needs(the stages are editable after the project is created). 

When you want to move a task from one stage to the next you pick it up and drag it to the desired stage. When a task is in the last stage and it gets completed it automatically moves to the completed section. 

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