Human Resources (HR)

No matter the size of the business, effective communication between employees and project management is paramount. It will provide the best results and it will enhance a company’s control over a specific project. This is no exception in the HR Industry.

HR managers measure productivity by managing objectives, benchmarks and targets, sales productivity, and more. It is of a vital importance that the HR managers have the means to efficiently oversee all the integral process of the business. However, today more than ever, management of personnel proves to be one of the most difficult organizational challenges.

Lack of team spirit and motivation, slow communication, stockpiling costly resources, ‘we’ versus ‘they’ syndrome, lack of authority, are just a few of the issues that all HR managers are facing.

Fortunately, internal communications and project management software like Tafoma can help you to safely navigate around these mis-communication and project management obstacles. With Tafoma you create one main channel that requires little to no training, a seamless workflow, transparency, clear authority, and ability to have time to accommodate specific needs of the employees.