Information Technology (IT)

Management of workload is the biggest challenge for the IT professionals. Often, IT management, fairly or unfairly, is blamed for poor employee morale and unclear job roles and responsibilities. Communication is one of the biggest gripes—IT professionals believe leadership isn’t always transparent, especially when it comes to decisions about how team tasks are delegated as well as the management of resources and budgets.

IT professionals will not wait out a poor work situation. Ninety-one percent of unsatisfied employees are likely to pursue alternative employment. One of the reports for the changed employers in the last year and sited of poor culture or toxic management as primary reasons.

It’s the project manager’s job to communicate skills needs with management and help guide realistic expectations. A successful project manager keeps their focus on the big picture even as disrupters, such as skills gaps, create risks for the business.

Tafoma as the only seamless, non-integration platform on the market will not only improve the communication between IT personnel but it will also lead to productive and efficient project management in its industry.