Become part of our BETA team

Beta is the second letter in the Greek alphabet.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, beta is also used to describe a product or system that is at the second stage of development and that is being tested by customers before it is offered for sale.

The second one is closer to where we are.

For some time now we have been working very hard to bring you the most extensive and feature-rich team collaboration tool. We are almost there but we need your assistance.

We want you to sign up for the BETA version, use all the features, give us feedback, and help us make Tafoma even better. So far we have implemented many of the features our users wanted to have, so it might even come to you like a tailored made app to fit your needs and make you more productive. Where else can you get that?!

And because we want to thank you for being part of our BETA team, we will give you 50% OFF FOREVER. Yes, you read that right – 50% discount for life.

Here are some of the things you’ll get with Tafoma:


Creating tasks is at the core of Tafoma’s purpose. Create tasks for yourself or assign tasks to someone on your team. A task is comprised of: title, description, comments, to-do, expenses, and time management.

You can also attach relevant files for that task. Files like pictures, documents, PDFs and etc. Your tasks can have a start and due dates, reminders, task priority, and percentage of completion for a clearer overview.


Integrate all the tasks under one project and have complete control and overview of the progress and status of your project. You can share projects with your whole team or anyone that you want to have viewing privileges on a project.


You don’t need a different app to chat with your team mates, you can do this with Tafoma. It has anything you need for better communication – individual and group chats for faster file and memes sharing.

Video Conference

Video Conference Calls allow you to have a virtual Conference Meeting with your teammates or external contacts. You don’t need to switch to other apps, you can hold your meetings right in the App! Talk, video, share screen and invite everyone, even those who don’t use Tafoma, either by their email or by sharing a link.


The idea behind this is simple, keep all your documents and files in the cloud so that you can access them from everywhere. Quickly share them with your team or anyone that needs to see them at any time.

And there is much more where that came from – check out all the features here.

Now that you have a clearer insight of what Tafoma can offer you, sign up to get the BETA version now, and get LIFETIME 50% OFF.