Creating tasks is at the core of Tafoma’s purpose. You can make tasks for yourself or assign tasks to someone on your team that is part of a workspace where you collaborate on. A task is comprised of: task title and description, comments, subtasks, expenses and time management. You can attach relevant files to any such as pictures, word documents, excels, PDF or any document you wish to include. We also enable you to track and manage your tasks by setting starting and due dates, reminders, task priority, and percentage of completion.
The Projects feature will help you enjoy all the benefits of team collaboration without the drawbacks of constant micro-management and incessant follow-ups. Integrate all the tasks tasks that belong to the same project assigned to different team members on one platform and have complete control and overview of how the project is heading from inception to its completion. Projects can be shared with people working on given tasks or anyone that you want to have viewing privileges on a project.
The Team feature is one of our crucial features as this enables you to tackle complex projects and tasks in an organised fashion. Creating teams and assigning members to them is simple. A single member can participate in one team at a time, but it can be assigned to others very easily.
The calendar provides you with an overview on task timelines, reminders and your overall agenda. Most importantly, you can get a complete plan of all scheduled events by yourself or any other organising party. Scheduling an event is very simple and invitations are not limited to merely party members from our team, but also external participants.
Taking notes, we all using for all time, before we were taking notes with pen on paper, but these days this is old fashion and is messy. With Tafoma Notes we have our notes digital form and every time with us and we can easily share with our team and they can share theirs with us with just one click.
We are all familiar with the yellow stickers that hang on our computer screen or maybe our fridge to remind us for something that is very important to be done, but this is something we wanted to be easier so we can have this yellow stickers always with us, on our phone, tablet or computer. We can share stickies with our team and vice versa.
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