Social Wall
We introduce Wall in Tafoma with one simple idea, any team member to be able to share interesting or maybe funny things from personal life with the colleagues or simply from team building activities. Simple to use and like or comment to some of posts.
One of the best features about Tafoma is that you are able to create your own Workspace. Regardless of your business type, Tafoma is flexible enough for you to shape it to best suit your business needs. You can create as many workspaces as you need to help you organise your teams, tasks and resources with maximum efficiency.
Chat between individuals and teams is always needed so with integration of Chat we wanted them to stay within the platform and chat whatever is needed.
Address book
Input all of your contacts in one place. With this feature you can also group your contacts by clients, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, patient or whatever you like. In addition, you’re able to connect tasks not only to a project but to a contact too and view how many tasks a contact is related to and how many tasks are still active.
Navigating through projects, workspaces, teams and tasks can be cumbersome. This is why Tafoma is equipped with a comprehensive Search engine to make sure you can find just anything you need in your workspaces within seconds. Just type a word or phrase and Search will look in every task, project, comment, chats and within documents you uploaded. To make things even simpler and time efficient, we have added a suggestion menu which is based on the characters you enter in the Search bar.
We built a comprehensive system of Notifications to make sure you are informed of progress even when you are not using Tafoma by simply checking your e-mails, SMS messages or notifications. Once you log back on, Tafoma will update you on task progress, upcoming deadlines and all changes that took place whilst you were away.
Gantt Chart
Gantt charts are an incredibly useful tool for a detailed, user-friendly overview on project or team progression. Using the gantt chart we incorporated you are bale to swap tasks or move them around when necessary with ease. This feature allows you to micro-manage tasks from end to end. The Gantt Chart provides you with an overview of teams, single assignees, projects, contacts and it shows not only the start and date, but also the percentage of completion for every task. It is great to evaluate how your project is going, or once you’re done how you can improve your modus operandi in the future.
Reports are essential to every task or project we do, so with Report we can have traction what, who and how long was productive alongside with completion of the tasks and project.
Getting Drive in Tafoma has simple idea, keeping all documents that we need in cloud and in one platform that we use with our team for our daily activities. We can quickly and easy share them with the team or they can also do the share with whom is necessary or just attach them to a single task or project that we have created or assigned.
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