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Tafoma is the most comprehensive task manager application on the market with a pioneering approach on cloud computing. In addition to the the task description, start and end date, priority and completion percentage, within every single task you’re able to create a new chat window, upload relevant documents, add followers, monitor expenses, track time, set unlimited reminders, make a to do list and have a detailed overview of every single task.
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One of the best things about a tafoma is that it comes loaded with beautifully designed features you’ll love to use every day. In Tafoma, those features give you new and better ways to do the things you do most. Like managing your projects, tasks, teams, taking notes, and documents.

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We have built a premier task manager with a number of useful features and modules tailored to your business needs which will help you get through your dense daily agenda with ease.
More features than any other application of the sort All the features you need to make your day easier in a single application Intuitive, user-friendly interface An application shaped by customer feedback and experience Effective internal and external team communication A premier multiplatform application
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Choose the package that fits your company or organisation. You are also able to upgrade and downgrade at anytime given time. The pricing is done in a way that it is acceptable for everyone. We can give you 30 days money back quaranty if you decide to cancel the service.

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250 Tasks
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10 Users
10GB Storage
Unlimited Tasks
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10 Users
25GB Storage
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It's better to try something once than to hear about it a thousand times Try Tafoma for free and you will be amazed by everything you can do with the app.

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We would be happy to assist you you.
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We were looking for a product as tafoma and we are glad that we found it and we are using it heavily everyday for all task and projects.
-- Michael S. - CTO, Softwaare development comapny --
About Us
Our mission

help you organise your everyday assignments complete them easily and as quickly as possible. Building a product that will help other people to do better is our intellectual pleasure and professional challenge. Being productive is a fundamental feature of a successful business, this why we built Tafoma—a tool that will boost your team’s productivity significantly.
Tafoma, the ultimate task management tool.
We will continually improve Tafoma, as we want to be more efficient and we believe you do too.
A message from the CEO

We boast a team of very talented young individuals that follow the dynamic pace of technological development and use innovative thinking to harness it and develop and improve a software product that will become your business’ most essential project management tool. What sets us apart from the rest is that Tafoma was developed organically. It was initially used to help me organise my very own business and allow me to have all the tools and features I need during the day in one place. It worked so well my business partners and clients loved it and wanted to use it for their own tasks. This is why I decided to bring forward to the market, and help you get through your business day more effectively. Try it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
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