Be more organized with Tafoma Workspace

When you google "how to be more organized at work" things like use colors and labels, have inspirational reminders, declutter and organize your desktop come up.

When your workspace has become a digital space, how do you do that?

You start by getting a feature-rich app that was made with the sole purpose to help you and your team be more productive, and that listens to Google and has incorporated all of the things stated above.

When you Log In to your Tafoma account you land on your Dashboard. Here on the left side, you have your weather and air quality information, your inspirational tip to start the day, and any upcoming meeting you may have.

Then you have all your notifications and reminders and you can monitor the last activity on projects and tasks you are in. This helps you have a clear overview of the activity you might have missed.

Now it's time to get a look at the tasks for the day. After clicking on the, you guessed it, Tasks tab in the menu, you get to see your tasks, the tasks you follow, and the tasks assigned to you. As you go with your day, you can always come back here and see how many tasks you've completed and how many overdue tasks you have left -- ups! You can also monitor the total work time which can give you an insight into your efficiency. This way you can see where you are getting stuck and increase your productivity.

Moving on to bigger things, we have the Projects you are involved in. The good thing about this tab is that it gives you the ability to look at the bigger picture. To see everyone else's progress and to give you insight into the progress of the project. Is everyone completing their tasks, how is that affecting the flow of the project, etc.

Instead of reading an article where we break down every tab in the app, here is a better offer. First, we won't make you read hours-long articles, because yes, we made a THAT feature-rich app!

Sign up now, try the app and get organizing. 🙂

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