How to Better Project Management

Project management is evolving with time. With the numerous tools, technologies, applications, and frameworks that are shaping project management for the modern world, it is important to stay ahead.

Project managers need to consistently learn new techniques and best practices to optimise their work processes and project cycles.

Many team leaders, regardless of their industries, implement traditional or waterfall methodologies in their business and project management strategies. They develop a clear plan that is supposed to lead a team to a specific destination. The problem with this method is that it lacks flexibility. It does not leave any space for an error since team members cannot go back to a previous step once they progress further in the process.

If as a company you are utilising agile framework of project management, then transparency of your workflow is paramount. It allows your team members to discuss the progress, plan adjustments if necessary, and deliver feedback.

Through this framework internal relations become very close and in turn are based in trust. From the very first sprint session, team members work closely together towards a common goal. They lean on each other’s skills and knowledge, so they improve their personal practices. In turn this gives the business owner an opportunity to be involved in the development, as part of a team. They may offer progressive suggestions in terms of prioritising features, making updates, or working on new features.

Regardless of which methodology determines your project management - work needs to be organised into prioritised projects and tasks. Tafoma as a seamless team collaboration and project management software offers maximum flexibility developing a cross-functional team that organises itself.

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