How to choose a business management software for productive teams

Do you often feel like you and your team use too many apps for too many things? Do you think that having just one app that has all the features you need will be less distracting and will help your team collaborate better?
Choosing business management software is not an easy task. One of the main reasons is the fact that a lot of expensive software solutions don't have all the features you need. And in the end, you find yourself spending a lot of money on several apps that don't solve all your problems.
That is why when choosing a business management software, you should be on a lookout for software that meets your individual needs. What works for others, might not work as well for you.
Being extra thorough in this phase will save you time and money in the long run, and will play a big part in increasing your team productivity.

**We picked out some of the main criteria that you need to identify the right business management software for you and your team. ** Here they are:

Number of features

Some apps offer great service and excellent design but can offer you only a few features on team collaboration. This means that you and your team will potentially lose valuable time changing between complementary apps.

It's smarter to look for a feature-rich app and allow you to make the most of it by using it in different day to day situations.

Easy to use

If an app is hard to use, it doesn't have an intuitive user interface it can be hard for the whole team to get used to using it. Instead of simplifying your business process', it will make it harder for your team to use.

When choosing the right software, take the time to try a free version of the preferred software and see how it could fit in with your team's needs.

Go for the cloud

Choosing a cloud-based software allows you to see the most recent edits and activity. All data will be stored online meaning that every team member will be up to date with all the changes being made all the time.

The importance of compatibility and integrations

A thing we sometimes neglect when choosing software is how well it works with other apps. Make sure that you can integrate your preferred software solution with other tools you and your team frequently use. For example, the software you choose must support all the file types your team uses.

Privacy is key

Team collaboration doesn't mean that all files and communications should be available to everyone. Team members need to know that their conversations and confidential files will be safe. Make sure you go through the privacy options of the software you are choosing and pay good attention when doing that!

Now that you know what to look for when choosing business management software for your teams it's important to mention that Tafoma has all of the things mentioned above.

You have an app that has plenty of features but it's still easy to use. An app that is cloud-based and is compatible with other tools and software. And last but not least, pays extra attention to keeping things safe and private. What happens in Tafoma, stays in Tafoma.

To try it out for yourself, get the free version for your team, and test all the features. What's even better, you can upgrade your plan to fit your team's specific needs at any time!

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