How to use Tafoma as a calendar for your team

Calendars are a useful way to keep track of upcoming deadlines, projects and help in your overall day to day organization. According to Cambridge Dictionary, the term calendar can be defined as "a list of events and dates within a particular year that are important for an organization or for the people involved in a particular activity".

Usage of calendars can be tracked way, way back. For centuries it has allowed people to track seasons, to plan certain activities, and to be better at organizing their time. And the fast pace of the time that we are living in has probably made usage of calendars, private as well as on company calendars, more important than ever.

How can a joint calendar for your team help your team collaboration?

Using a calendar for you and your team can provide an overview of the tasks, better insight into your team members' responsibilities, and overall agenda. Knowing the complete plan of tasks and events for yourself and others can help your team collaborate better. And for this, you need a good app.

Using Tafoma as a calendar for your team

Scheduling an event in Tafoma is very simple. You can add a title and description, a start and end date, set reminders, and upload relevant files for that particular event.

When you need to get other team members involved in that event, invitations are not limited to members of your team. What is an added advantage here, is that you can also add external participants that you might need.

You can add reminders in your Personal Workspaces, or share it might anyone that might need to see it. That means that you don't need any more calendar apps where important events and reminders get lost. And we don't want you going around forgetting important dates and anniversaries 🙂

How to make the most of this feature

Here are some calendar suggestions you and your team can use to improve team collaboration and efficiency:

  • Sales lead calendar -- keep track of your leads by setting meetings with them and close dates
  • Content marketing calendar -- so many platforms, so little time. Don't forget any of them with a detailed content calendar for your marketing team
  • Product launch timeline -- one project launch has so many phases and deadlines that every member needs to be on top at any given moment
  • Personal goals -- it's important to keep track of your personal goals and award yourself after a job well done. Which bring us to the next calendar;
  • Holidays -- a well-deserved vacation is something you should give yourself every once in a while. Keeping track of everyone's vacation plans will help you and your team plan your tasks better and on time

So, whether you want to plan a vacation, your personal goals, a product launch, or your team collaboration efforts, you'll get a complete overview of everything you and your team need to accomplish by using Tafoma's calendar feature.

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