Creating tasks is at the core of Tafoma’s purpose. You can make tasks for yourself or assign tasks to someone on your team. A task is comprised of: title, description, comments, todo, expenses and time management. You can attach relevant files to any such as pictures, documents, PDFs and etc. Tasks also have starting and due dates, reminders, task priority, and percentage of completion.


Drive in Tafoma has a simple idea, keeping all of your documents and files in the cloud so that they can be accessed from anywhere. You can quickly and easily share files or folders with the team or they can also be shared with whoever is necessary. Files can also be attached to a single task or project that we have created.


The Projects feature also you to group tasks and view their progress as a whole. Integrate all the tasks that belong to the same project assigned to different team members on one platform and have complete control and overview of how the project is heading from creation to its completion. Projects can be shared with people working on given tasks or anyone that you want to have viewing privileges on a project.

Video Conference

Video Conference Calls allow you to have a virtual Conference Meeting with your teammates or external contacts. Tafoma Meeting has many features to help you have productivity meetings. As one would expect Tafoma Meetings allows you to share your screen if needed, you can invite people who don’t use Tafoma, either by their email or by sharing a link. Like all of Tafoma’s features, you can join a call both on mobile and desktop.


The calendar provides you and your team with an overview of task timelines, reminders and your overall agenda. Most importantly it is very easy to share events with your teammates so that they get notified and also have the event viewable on their calendar. Scheduling an event is very simple and invitations are not limited to merely party members from our team, but also external participants.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are an incredibly useful tool for a detailed, user-friendly overview of a project or team progression. Using the Gantt chart you are able to swap tasks or move them around when necessary with ease. The Gantt Chart shows not only the start and end date, but also the percentage of completion for every task. It is a great tool to help you evaluate how your project is going, or once you’re done how you can improve your modus operandi in the future.


The Notes in Tafoma are simple but very powerful, the process of creating and writing a note is very simple and easy. But the greatness of this feature is that the Notes are available from anywhere and any device and that they can be shared with your teammates with just one click. When a Note is shared with someone they can also write and edit the note which allows for fast collaboration.


Chat between individuals and teams is always needed so with integration of Chat we wanted for teams to be able to chat with each other on the fly without switching applications. Tafoma Chat offers both individual and group chat, it includes all of the features that a modern chat needs to have like edit, delete, file sharing and etc.


Tafoma Talk is for those times when you can’t exchange all the information through text. You can talk via audio or video with your teammates easily, fast and you never have to leave Tafoma to do it.

Social Wall

This is a place where your team can be less formal, the idea behind the Social Wall is that teammates can share funny pictures, jokes, things from their personal life. Everyone in the workspace can react to each other's posts by liking or commenting on them.

Address book

Input all of your contacts in one place. With this feature you can also group your contacts by clients, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, patient or whatever you like. In addition, you’re able to connect tasks not only to a project but to a contact too and view how many tasks a contact is related to and how many tasks are still active.


After a while your workspace will end up having a dozen projects and hundreds of tasks and files. This is why Tafoma is equipped with a comprehensive Search engine to make sure you can find just anything you need within seconds. Just type a word or phrase and Search will look in every task, project, comment, chats and within documents you uploaded.