The coronavirus pandemic has had a wide-reaching impact on our lives at an unparalleled level. It forced many practices to speed up their digital transformation and as a result, they are discovering the benefits of cloud-based working.

Accountancy as an industry is experiencing massive shift in reorganizing the job roles, with the job transitioning to be more technical. So much so that job security will likely depend on how adaptable they are to a cloud technology.

Another challenge faced by accountants when communicating is how to present ideas to management and conversely, the difficulty of clearly delegating projects or tasks to team members. The accounting profession has a long and established history of procedure and protocol that makes it difficult for an accountant not to risk breaching confidential information.

Tafoma’s solution is a web-based platform that provides seamless, user friendly interface that not only allows you to efficiently and confidentially share tasks and projects but it also gives you the ability to work remotely in real-time, with a flexible cost-effective subscription and secure data storage. Tafoma can be a game-changer in the digitization of the accounting industry and embrace the mandate for cloud-based operations to succeed.