Improved communication among healthcare team members influences the quality of working relationships, job satisfaction and profound impacts patient safety.

When communication about tasks and responsibilities are done well, research evidence has shown significant reduction in nurse turnover and improved job satisfaction because it facilitates a culture of mutual support.

Larson and Yao in their celebrated paper[1] in The Journal of the American Medical Association (2005), found a direct relationship between clinicians’ level of satisfaction and their ability to build rapport and express care and warmth with patients.

Tafoma as a non-integrative team collaboration software with its efficient and user-friendly interface can positively contribute to healthcare team satisfaction. Medical personal can feel more supported administratively and interpersonally, it will facilitate a clear understanding of roles, work equity and fair compensation.

[1] Larson, E.B. and Yao, X.Y. (2005) Clinical Empathy as Emotional Labour in the Patient-Physician Relationship. The Journal of the American Medical Association, 293