Small Teams

It might be common sense to think that small, in comparison to large businesses, can easily organise the workload and it can allow effective communication among its team members. The truth is, no project is too easy or too complex, nor is any team too small or large when it comes to productive teamwork.

A collegium is made up of assorted group of people all with their own unique set of experiences and skills. Those experiences can be cultural, environmental, or educational. It is not seldom occurrence that those unique skillsets and experiences are mismanaged and that they backfire into low staff morale and decreased productivity.

While there are many factors that can get in the way of good organisation and team management, the problem typically becomes worse when work processes become more segmented and the team strives for a unified goal.

Digital technology seems to offer some solution. A digital workspace is essentially a fundamental shift in the working mindset of an organisation.

As part of this digital revolution, Tafoma is offering workspaces which are dynamic, powerful and altogether a simpler way for groups, teams and departments to interact and collaborate. Tafoma’s workspaces are segmented from each other yet they offer a cohesive overview of a transparent and seamless team workflow and project management. No matter the size of the business you will find Tafoma as an invaluable tool, allowing your teams to work more efficiently, enhance the employee experience and produce better results.